Email Marketing Facts 2018

Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of Crypto marketing agency platforms and has billions of users already. Listed below are seven statistics to help shift the viewpoint back to the user.

Billions of emails are sent daily

Billions of users result in billions of emails sent every day. There are over 3 billion email users who receive hundreds of billions of emails every day. Forms of advertising like television and radio don’t have as far of a reach as email marketing. Using emails to market brands to audiences is a prominent method, and it’s not expected to slack anytime soon. In fact, these billions of users are expected to grow in the next few years, so businesses should invest in email marketing if they want the clicks and potential sales.

People prefer email for business

There are so many businesses alive in the world that dealing with most through email is very convenient (and nearly necessary). Seventy two percent of consumers prefer to interact with businesses through their inbox. Checking email is, for most people, a passive act they can perform while they do something else, not something fully engaging. Communication through email is a common method both for business-to-business and business-to-consumer interactions, so businesses would be wise to discover how to connect with the businesses and consumers who can help them grow.

Adding video improves email click rate

On average, people don’t dedicate much time to reading emails. It is sometimes easier for people to pay attention to video because less energy is required to mentally engage with the material. Video is grabbing attention in all forms of marketing, so best embrace it now. Open rate tends to increase by nineteen percent if marketers just included video. Click-through rate also increases by fifty percent. Marketing should be personalized, experimented with, and analyzed to find the method that works best.

Users are more likely to share

People tend to check their emails first thing in the morning. Many also use this time to engage on social media. When people can talk about products or services delivered from a business, that feedback reaches a lot of people when it’s on social media websites. Marketers should encourage readers to share information and give rise to more feedback and, potentially, readers. Email marketers should include their social media links in their emails, so those who are ready and willing to share have greater ease in doing so.

Most people unsubscribe because they received too many emails

With so many emails being sent every day, there are a fair number which get completely disregarded and others which lead people to unsubscribe from emails. The amount of emails people receive are large in volume, so the amount they receive from one source definitely shouldn’t be too large. Seventy eight percent of subscribers click the unsubscribe button because they receive too many emails from one source. On the flip side, the brand can be the solution if it’s marketed correctly; more than half of people open emails based solely on who sent it.

Using the word “Donate” can reduce open rate

Businesses take money to operate; everyone knows this. However, the delivery is important. People don’t want to be asked to buy something first thing in the morning or right before bed (these are the best times to send email since people read emails around ten in the morning and again around eight at night). When businesses use the word “Donate” in the subject line, it can reduce the open rate by over fifty percent. Subject lines that seem to push subscribers more than they would like could result in a loss of clicks and, ultimately, readership.

Segmented campaigns get more clicks

People don’t pay much attention while browsing the inbox, especially if they don’t see anything that concerns them. Businesses must acknowledge that the demographics of the audience will affect what is opened and what is clicked, what is useful to the reader. Those who market to the right audiences by segmenting their email list experience almost thirty percent higher open rates and over half more clicks than unsegmented campaigns. By offering different products and services (or different ways of delivering those products and services) businesses can increase open rates and click rates and decrease unsubscribing.


Consumers read their emails regularly, but they do so passively. They don’t like to bombarded with emails or reminders to buy or donate. They prefer emails which relate to them, and if businesses make it easy to share, it is likely they will (since this is fairly passive as well). Businesses can increase their open rates and click rates by applying this email marketing knowledge.